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Article 72 – Current affairs

I said there would be no more articles on The EssWhyDee Blog. I lied.

In light current affairs and going ons around the world, there was just too much happening for me to keep my silence.

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Article 71 – The End of The EssWhyDee Blog

Writing this at 9,101 views.

This blog has seen many faces, heard many voices, has read many minds, smelt a plethora of fragrances (and odours), but it is time to move on and leave all of these ramblings behind.

I will be writing again, very soon. Come, July, all hell will break loose.

I had put a lot of time and dedication into this site, and to be honest, it is very difficult for me to just say it is the end, especially as I wanted to hit 100 articles. We are on #71. Continue reading “Article 71 – The End of The EssWhyDee Blog”

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The Survey Results!

Hello there folks,

First of all I’d like to thank all 50 participants who took my survey which was posted on here, approximately one week ago.

I was looking out for prosody in TV adverts and was looking out for the amount of people that can associate brands with their respective company by just hearing a sound clip, that of a jingle, poem, a piece of music or just a voice-over commentary.

Here are the correct answers!

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How many brands can you identify? Please take my survey below


Spare a minute to take the survey below. I am researching prosody in advertising, which is “the patterning of sound” (Cook, 1992, p. 120). I am specifically looking at jingles and music in television advertising. Continue reading “How many brands can you identify? Please take my survey below”

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Article 69 – An unusual UK General Election 2015 article

Photo Credit: The Independent
Photo Credit: The Independent

Yes, yes, yes. I know what you’re going to think. “what the hell? I remember this site from a long, long time ago, I forgot all about the wondrous writings and musings of such an incredibly inspiring and brilliant author.”

Okay, enough blowing my own trumpet.

I don’t write much during term times, and the fact that I have a few days to write up an assignment of which I have only written my name, (you dream of this life, I’m sure of it) I thought this would get my creative juices flowing once again. Win-win situation. Boom.

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Article 68 – Hello there


And he crawls back on the Reader as if he never even left.

Apologies for not posting as frequent as you’d hope.

I have been tied up (not literally) with Uni work and by the time I’m finished doing the compulsory work, I am exhausted and it leaves me no motivation to write more.

Anyway, in one of my courses, we are actually studying blog-writing. Continue reading “Article 68 – Hello there”

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Only Children Can See Poster With ‘Hidden Message’

Inspirational campaign.


child abuse From the view of an average 10-year-old

A Spanish Company called the Anar Foundation have placed posters publicly which show hidden messages only to children in an anti-child abuse campaign.

This ingenious tactic is something called ‘lenticular printing’ and only allows people of a certain height to see certain bits of an image. this basically means that adults cannot see the ‘hidden message’ placed in these posters around the country.

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Article 65 – Women or A Woman?


Well. Well. Well.

What do we have here eh?

I knew this topic would crop up one day or another, but do not worry. This article isn’t what it sounds like (yet).

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Article 63 – My Issue with Selfies


As we all know, the popularity of taking a picture of one’s self has seen a massive increase in popularity over the last couple of years or so and with apps such as SnapChat and Instagram a few taps away, I don’t see the trend declining anytime soon.

Let’s set something straight. Selfies do not bother me one bit.

Heck, I have taken a couple of photos of myself with my smartphone and whatnot. I don’t see any harm in doing so and looking in a mirror just doesn’t have that lasting effect anymore. It’s not like we can see ourselves through other means, ya feel me?

Any way, let me address my issue.

My issue is not with selfies themselves (title was a tad misleading, apologies), but rather with the people who supposedly take them.
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