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"Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words." Oxford Dictionary When something is just too damn good, even words cannot do it justice. When something is ineffable. You know those moments or things that deserve more than mere words. Something like... Nutella.



"A person who believes that it is possible, through meditation, to reach a level of consciousness where one can obtain all the nutrients one needs from the air or sunlight." Oxford Dictionary So, a Breatharian is someone who really believes in surviving off air/sunlight. Out of all the words to pick, I chose this. Not… Continue reading Breatharian

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The Endless Electoral Cycle

So there is a General Election (GE) approaching very quickly, here in the UK. It's not a matter of immediate change. Let's be honest, nothing will change your day-to-day routine from the second that a party is elected, or at least I hope not. But eventually... changes will come, even if they are minuscule. For… Continue reading The Endless Electoral Cycle



The compulsion to write. Why not start off the brand new era with a word so fitting. or is it...? My admiration for this word was on the surface. Heck, Scribel would have been called Hypergraphia, had I not done some further research. It's actually a serious medical condition which shouldn't be underplayed. "It is… Continue reading Hypergraphia

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Article 72 – Current affairs

I said there would be no more articles on The EssWhyDee Blog. I lied. In light current affairs and going ons around the world, there was just too much happening for me to keep my silence. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, here is my contribution. Tragedies will never end. This… Continue reading Article 72 – Current affairs

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A quick favour..

Guys, if you're reading this, it's too late. I need a quick favour. Yes, I spelt that the British correct way. I need you to head over English Tour Guide and complete the brief activities I have set... I.e. the discussion board, the WebQuest, or even just comment on it, pretending to be a learner of… Continue reading A quick favour..

Rants, Funny & Other Articles

Article 71 – The End of The EssWhyDee Blog

This blog has seen many faces, heard many voices, has read many minds, smelt a plethora of fragrances (and odours), but it is time to move on and leave all of these ramblings behind. I will be writing again, very soon. Come, July, all hell will break loose. I had put a lot of time… Continue reading Article 71 – The End of The EssWhyDee Blog

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The Survey Results!

Hello there folks, First of all I'd like to thank all 50 participants who took my survey which was posted on here, approximately one week ago. I was looking out for prosody in TV adverts and was looking out for the amount of people that can associate brands with their respective company by just hearing… Continue reading The Survey Results!

Rants, Funny & Other Articles

How many brands can you identify? Please take my survey below

Hi, Spare a minute to take the survey below. I am researching prosody in advertising, which is "the patterning of sound" (Cook, 1992, p. 120). I am specifically looking at jingles and music in television advertising. By clicking below you agree for your results to be used in my dissertation research study. Please note, you… Continue reading How many brands can you identify? Please take my survey below


Article 70 – The Barber Chronicles

Here's a little true story for you. So a few months back, I visited the barbers. A pretty normal thing to do. There was an immensely long queue of people before me and so was there for a good couple of hours, pretty normal once again. The fact that I didn't even need my hair… Continue reading Article 70 – The Barber Chronicles