According to madeupstatisticsforScribelbySyd.com, there's a 98.33333% chance that you have been in / experienced a dwall or have lost a loved (or hated) one momentarily to this phenomena. Dwaal is actually a word stolen borrowed from Afrikaans and is used for the following: "A dreamy, dazed, or absent-minded state." - Oxford Dictionary. I'm often in… Continue reading Dwaal



So this sounds like a mixture of disgust, digest, and discuss. We will be doing all three in this little article, and in no particular order (not really). "Taste (something) carefully to appreciate it fully." - Oxford Dictionary I'm sure you've degusted many things in your lifetime... But it's not enough. We should all degust… Continue reading Degust



"A term referring to a mistake discovered post-operatively, in which one or more surgical sponges is left behind in the body after closing the patient [...] and are often grounds for malpractice lawsuits." Medical Dictionary (Slightly re-worded) Oh wow, fancy going for an op, and finding out you have a sponge or two still inside you. Is this where 'cleansing the soul' came from?… Continue reading Gossypiboma

Inanimate Musings

Inanimate Musings #2 – I am despised…but I don’t care, for you are weak without me.

I am set, I am told to scream... and I do it with pleasure. I get whacked, sworn at, and I'm most certainly not your best friend when the time comes. Yet you rely on me, because I'm always there, reliable... yet at times; despised. And oh, boy can I scream. Louder than you could… Continue reading Inanimate Musings #2 – I am despised…but I don’t care, for you are weak without me.


Urm, what was that word again??? Lethologica

I experience this very often. Sometimes daily. "The inability to remember a particular word or name." Oxford Dictionary Basically, when something is at the tip of your tongue. This word is in your vocabulary (or so you think) and it is sitting in your brain, laughing at you while you try to remember it. Arguably… Continue reading Urm, what was that word again??? Lethologica

Scribel 'n' Ponder

7 Types of Voters you will come across on Election day

So now we are past the voting stage. Here are some types of the electorate I have seen around, in person, or on social media. Just some observations... The know-it-alls - These are the folk who have supposedly read the manifesto of every single party and know everything about the election (Nice Googling!). They then disappear… Continue reading 7 Types of Voters you will come across on Election day

Inanimate Musings, Scribels

Inanimate Musings #1 – A cry for help.

Everyone just stares at me. Staring, as if what I have to offer, is so great that they have to stop their daily lives to dedicate time and attention to myself. I don't demand the attention, I just get it. Sometimes I just want to be left alone. They turn me on, and sometimes don.'t… Continue reading Inanimate Musings #1 – A cry for help.



"(In eastern Caribbean folklore) a malignant witch believed to shed her skin by night and suck the blood of her victims." Oxford Dictionary Please click the dictionary link and listen to the pronunciation, it's so pleasing to hear. So this word is a tad darker (Brownish in colour, and if with hints of green and… Continue reading Soucouyant

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"Too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words." Oxford Dictionary When something is just too damn good, even words cannot do it justice. When something is ineffable. You know those moments or things that deserve more than mere words. Something like... Nutella.



"A person who believes that it is possible, through meditation, to reach a level of consciousness where one can obtain all the nutrients one needs from the air or sunlight." Oxford Dictionary So, a Breatharian is someone who really believes in surviving off air/sunlight. Out of all the words to pick, I chose this. Not… Continue reading Breatharian