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Writing dies out… only if reading does first.

In a totally media-intensive world, words that are typed are merely secondary to images and videos that they accompany.

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When you wake up

In times where the world is a little confusing at the moment, the next time you wake up… take a moment and do not reach out for your phone. Be in complete control. Enjoy this true alone time.

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Captcha, ReCaptcha and Robots – Why Bother?

If a bot or a program can successfully bypass Captchas then i fully support the robot movement.

Hear me out.

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In Deep Thought

And he sat there, with all the worry in the world.

Silence and noise all at once.

He sat there thinking…

“What shall I have for lunch?”


When stats go dry…

When the stats go dry, and true love dies.

No new posts, the promises were a lie.

So I try to do some drawings on cups of the good stuff.

Using my time wisely, trust me.. the days are tough.

Who knew, writing nonsense would be such fun.

And when it rhymes, my followers like it a ton.

So views, views, where art though views?

Stats are now rolling in, two by two.




Scribel's Why Bother

Reading is such a chore,  but writing is an even bigger one.

Reading is such a chore,  but writing is an even bigger one.

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According to, there’s a 98.33333% chance that you have been in / experienced a dwall or have lost a loved (or hated) one momentarily to this phenomena.

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So this sounds like a mixture of disgust, digest, and discuss. We will be doing all three in this little article, and in no particular order (not really).

“Taste (something) carefully to appreciate it fully.” – Oxford Dictionary

I’m sure you’ve degusted many things in your lifetime… But it’s not enough.

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“A term referring to a mistake discovered post-operatively, in which one or more surgical sponges is left behind in the body after closing the patient […] and are often grounds for malpractice lawsuits.” Medical Dictionary (Slightly re-worded)

Oh wow, fancy going for an op, and finding out you have a sponge or two still inside you.

Is this where ‘cleansing the soul’ came from?

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