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Blog 33 – Change is on the Horizon


Change is on the horizon my friends. (I have no idea why I just wrote that, It sounded inspiring and I didn’t know what to name this post).

I finally did it guys…

I embraced ‘change’ with open arms and squeezed the living daylights out of it.

You could say this marks the birth of a new eraActually, don’t.

The EssWhyDee Blog is now primarily located at http://thesydblog.com. (previously https://esswhydeeblog.wordpress.com)

It is the all-new domain name that I chose with the help of a few good friends!

I won’t bore you with the ins and outs of what this means for the future of my blog, but you can probably figure out that I’m here for the foreseeable future. So yes, face-palm all you like because I’m hangin’ about for a bit. (Along with filling your WordPress Reader with lots of new posts!)

I have a few so-called ‘solid’ articles lined up for the lot of you, which are all sat in my mind ready to be summoned. So… To my readers, new or veteran, many thanks in advance for reading them.

I currently have 80 WordPress subscribers and I’m approaching 3,000 views soon, so I guess things are only looking positive from now.

Let the logo editing begin!



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