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Blog 48 – The Golden Eagle Logo

The Golden Eagle SYDblog Logo
The Golden Eagle SYDblog Logo

Just look at that beauty…

What more can I say?

This wasn’t even supposed to be a blog-post, but whatever… Might as well give you a double dose of The EssWhyDee Blog this week.

BEHOLD. My friends.


Welcome to the Golden Eagle era.

Let me hang up your jackets. Oh, and do take a seat…

I have created a brand new logo for The EssWhyDee Blog because I believed that it needed to be represented by something a lot more powerful…. What better way of putting that message across than having a brand new logo?

The colour gold represents how great I want this blog be… Full of quality writing, quality readers and simply excellence.

The winged shield represents our freedoms. Particularly freedom of speech and each and every one of us having a voice that matters.

The crown represe-… Well, I just thought it looked cool.


Did I just make my readers sit through all of that? Hahaha.

Just tell me what you think of the fresh-out-the-box EssWhyDee Blog logo.

Drop a comment perhaps?



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