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Blog 47 – Haters Gonna Hate

Or as you might say... "Haters gonna hate"
Or as you might say… “Haters gonna hate”

This is a topic that can pretty much be under any category. For example, I could have easily made this into an Interpreted article, a My Thoughts On article, or even added it to the most popular category, Why Bother?

But then I remembered, I had promised that you guys got to dictate what format of article you wanted. Apparently, 50% of you wanted a funny rant. Great.

Fucking great. Humour doesn’t just grow on trees you know.

Anyway, to this week’s topic…


The way this term is thrown about over the internet, real life and in general conversation lately has started to bug me so much that I thought I’d write something on it.

How original eh? *Smiles creepily while the lights flicker*

As soon as someone disagrees with certain people, criticizes their work or just full on doesn’t show support to one, they are labeled as a hater. Fucking social stigmas. We all know a hater when we see one. You know… That particular mate or relative. See, you’re picturing him/her right now aren’t ya?

But do we really? (know a hater when we see one) – I don’t think we do actually. The meaning has lost its weight after being tossed around by 13-year-old kids… (Apologies if you’re 13 and still reading) – Hang on a second. If you’re about that age, you shouldn’t really be reading this anyway. (Or be up this late for that matter)… Ahhh, neveryoumind. That’s a rant for another day.

What I’m trying to get at, is that not everyone who doesn’t share your views is a hater. End of. So stop with the “Fuck the haters” nonsense. Hate to break it to ya kiddo, but nobody even knows you exist.

I’ll give you a prime example.

I have a lot of people who tell me they really like The EssWhyDee Blog. Which is fair enough, but then I give it a second thought…. If you liked it so much, give it a bloody share. There’s no harm in it. No one gets hurt. I get the views, and I’ll most probably appreciate the fact that you shared it… (Tag me if you do, so I am aware)

But there’ll always be those silent readers. Reading… Judging…. Which is all perfectly fine if they don’t particularly enjoy my written work.

I’m totally cool with that….

Pssshht…. Yeah right!

Haters gonna hate.



Note: No note this week!But do show The EssWhyDee blog some love and give this article a share!

10 thoughts on “Blog 47 – Haters Gonna Hate”

      1. Most of my post are just me venting about my life so that I can stay sane. It’s my outlet. I am glad to have “met” you through it and I am glad you like my blog.


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