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Article 66 – My Thoughts on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


Before we get started..

Disclaimer: Do not expect humour here.

I know I’m massively late on writing about something like this but I had to make sure that it was fully mainstream before I tackled it.

Let me give you guys a quick overview of what exactly this is.

Macmillan’s new campaign has truly gone viral with celebrities getting involved as well as your average Jack. The challenge is simple really. One person gets a bucket of ice-cold water poured onto them in exchange for a donation to charity and another records them and uploads the video to the net.

Not a lot of people know what it’s for so it is important to learn this. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a disease of the brain and nerves. Basically, it is when nerve cells waste away, eventually causing one to be massively weakened due to the wasting away of muscles in the body. This can prove to be very fatal and patients who are diagnosed usually pass away between 3-5 years on average.

Macmillan have utilised Social Networking positively by getting those who take part in the ice bucket challenge to hash tag #IcebucketChallenge or #ALSIceBucketChallenge and nominate others to undertake it within 24 or 48 hours.icebucket3

My Thoughts:

A lot of people have criticized this tactic used by Macmillan and ALS Foundation and even criticized those who have taken the challenge. I understand why people would think this way.

However, I do believe that it is ultimately helping for a better cause and it is proving to be very successful whether or not people like it or not. Celebrities are also getting involved.

Fact is, other charities should follow in Macmillan’s footsteps with different ideas and challenges to help fund-raise.

I hope that everyone who is taking the challenge is actually donating however much they can to help and is spreading awareness on what on earth it is about.

I urge those who don’t find this challenge appealing to patiently ignore this as it is helping Macmillan and the ALS Foundation in a positive way. Let people do their thing, there’s nothing wrong with it.icebucket2

Personally, I think that ANY charity work is positive for humanity.

Text to Donate £3 to Macmillan by sending ICE to 70550 or text FINE to 70550 to give £10 instead.

That’s positive number 2 that has come from technology in recent weeks.

All for a great cause.

If this gets people involved and donating then so be it eh?



Read my friend’s post on the Ice Bucket Challenge here: http://thephilfactor.com/2014/08/19/ten-reasons-to-do-the-als-ice-bucket-challenge/

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