Blog 46 – It’ll be okay – Interpreted

“Interpreted” is the name of my brand new project on The EssWhyDee Blog. Well, I say project… I mean seriesNote: This is just a test to see how the article goes down with my readers. I’m relying on that Thumbs up/down gauge to the top left of this post for you to tell me whether or not you enjoyed it or not. Please click one of the two (You don’t need to be logged in to do so).


Ah yes, this old classic.

Remember when life was shit? ….. – Ahhh yes, them good ol’ days.

Remember when times were hard? ….. – Yes. Wait, where exactly are you going with this?

Remember when life was giving you lemons? ….. – Lemons? The fuck. I never got any lemons.

One of your buddies comes along and tells you that one thing that you really want to hear when you’re down in the gutters.

That one thing you needed to hear.

So you put your trust into what they just said because it’s exactly what your brain was craving.

(Read in the voice of Morgan Freeman for full effect) – “it’ll be okay” – Interpreted: “I hope things turn out okay in the end but chances are…. You’re fucked. So stop whingeing and let’s talk about something else now. We all know life’s a bitch, but you aren’t the only one with issues. My toaster stopped working this morning. Why do bad things happen to good people?”.

It begs a question though.

What if shit doesn’t improve?

Don’t hold that person to their “promise” though, you over-emotional prick.

They know just as little as you about what’s coming round the corner.



Important Note: Yeah, do drop a comment or hit one of the two thumbs up above to let me know what you thought of the first installment of Interpreted. I’ll leave a poll at the end to give you guys the chance to dictate what article should be published next. Oh, and I know I haven’t been blogging as regularly as I once was… But that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I’m setting myself a 1-article-per-week target… But on a more positive note…..



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