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Article 68 – Hello there


And he crawls back on the Reader as if he never even left.

Apologies for not posting as frequent as you’d hope.

I have been tied up (not literally) with Uni work and by the time I’m finished doing the compulsory work, I am exhausted and it leaves me no motivation to write more.

Anyway, in one of my courses, we are actually studying blog-writing.

Now as some of you may know, I used to write… a lot!

But now, not so much. We have been instructed to create a brand new blog on a specific topic of our choice and the blog posts must be UNIQUE to any other in that field.

Unique? are you kidding me? Unique is (not) my middle name.

Anyway, as I ponder about my potential choices, I couldn’t continue hiding the fact that I currently have two blogs which I don’t really write on.

And what’s a blog without consistency eh?

And yes I started the sentences with an ‘And’ but this isn’t an essay, so who really gives a toss, eh?

I may dedicate some time per week to both my blogs very soon and get in to that writing habit once again.

Many times it has been said… Legend has it that this can never be repeated too many times.

My dear friends, I am back.

Or am I front?



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